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The ICSM provides training to ensure that you meet all the requirements necessary to qualify for a medical position on a cruise ship.


Apply for a position on a ship

The process for applying to work as a doctor or nurse on a ship can differ from one cruise line to the next.



As a subscribed member, you will be able to enrol in a variety of courses to complete as your schedule allows.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promulgate, promote and provide high quality clinical education for physicians and nurses working in the cruise industry.

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More About the ICSM

The Institute of Cruise Ship Medicine (ICSM) is a non-profit organisation that provides practical training for medical personnel working on cruise ships. From our first annual conference in 2001, we have shared best practice and provided training and support for thousands of cruise ship doctors and nurses.

Now we are offering you the opportunity to join our growing cruise ship medical community by creating your own ICSM account. For medical professionals, an ICSM account offers access to training and an opportunity to apply for an available position on any cruise liner at the click of a button. For cruise lines, an ICSM account provides access to a host of credentialed doctors and nurses who are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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